We cooperate with many leading companies in various industrial sectors. Our biggest projects are related to energy, automotive, medical sectors and packaging production.

We supply spare parts for the industry.

We serve and support production lines in factories producing home appliances, plastics and in the automotive industry.

We possess the following eligibility:

  • SEP;
  • welding works;
  • powers relating to lifts, moving platforms and cranes;
  • training in implementation of the Directive 2006/42/EC;
  • certificate of competence, operation and supervision related to:
    • service, technical maintenance, mending, service of control and measuring devices and machines with a voltage not exceeding 1 kV;
    • devices setting network with a nominal voltage above 1 kV;
    • generator sets with power above 50 kV, lighting systems and street lighting, measuring and inspection equipment, automatic control system;
    • powers relating to supervision and measurements.